Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pictures from Salvador

These are only 10 of the 154 pictures I took in Salvador. Enjoy them! There will be more to come soon!

Some shots of where we stayed at in Salvador. We stayed with Marcos, Fernanda, and Marcos' daughter Marcela.

Just another shot.

Feral dogs all over the damn place.

Group playing drums in the Pelourinho.

And the most famous shot there is of the Pelourinho.

These next few shots are of the Lower City, or, "Cidade Baixa." It can be seen in the movie, appropriately titled, "Cidade Baixa", starring Lázaro Ramos and Wagner Mouro.

Some of these shots were taken from an elevator that goes up diagonally, from Cidade Baixa to the Pelourinho. The elevator is more than 100 years old but is still in perfect condition.

And a nice artsy B&W photo.

And a statue of a "Baiana." These women serve some bomb acarajé. Definitely try some, "com pimenta" if you're ever in Salvador.

Well, that's all for now. I guess I have about 144 more from Salvador and 95 from Rio. I'll have those up shortly, probably by the end of the month or mid-August. So stay tuned. After that, I have no idea what direction this blog will go in, but I'll figure out something to do with it.

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