Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Final pictures from São Paulo

These are the last of the pictures from São Paulo. I will have plenty from Salvador and Rio coming up in the very near future. Until then, enjoy these!

A plate of Japanese food from the por quilo place in Liberdade.

These next few shots show how much has been done to the area that used to be Carandiru prison. Just last year the area was nothing but gravel and dirt. Now they have everything cemented and looking very nice. They even added, as you will see below, more area for children and families to play in. Very nice area they have going on now.

Caroline standing in front of what used to be the prison cells at Carandiru. Even show noted the eerie feeling of standing in what used to be a torturous prison.

Just a shot of what used to be the cells. They don't have anyone patrolling anymore saying "no pictures" like they did last year, so I took as many as I felt like I could get without being harassed by anyone.

This is just an example of how small these cells were, some of which would house around 20 different male inmates. The prison, or at least what remains of it, is now a women's penitentiary.

These next photos are just a few shots of the prison itself. Even today you can see the terrible conditions of this place. Like I said, it is still used as a women's penitentiary, so people still have to live in this wretched place.

Caroline performing some gymnastics on another new section of park equipment they have at Carandiru prison. It must be tough on the inmates to hear all of the families and children outside place on the park equipment while they're locked in prison. Kind of like an Alcatraz type of prison, only not on an island. I compare it to Alcatraz because I have heard one of the reasons for putting it right across the Bay was because people would look out their cells or from the yard and see San Francisco. It was sort of a torture to the inmates to see what was going on in the big city across the Bay.

And one final shot.

We didn't get as many shots in São Paulo as we would have liked, in large part to just not carrying our cameras everywhere but also because of battery issues. There are plenty of pictures to come from Salvador and Rio, so stay tuned for that.
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