Thursday, April 26, 2007

A short story I wrote about Lucy:

I have posted this before, I think, but it is still awesome nonetheless. It should take care of your daily laugh quota. By the way I wrote this for the SA forums please don't steal my shit y0.

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Lucy had always heard that the way to a man's heart was through his stomach. As she delicately prepared the Snicker's pie for her blind date, she thought of how she would present such a lovely culinary masterpiece to him.
A knock at the door! "I'm coming!" yelled out Lucy.
The man behind the door chuckled a bit and said "you will be soon!"
Lucy opened the door to see a brazen young man, no more than 24 years old. Surely she thought, he would be the one. He looked muscular, his pecs large and strong.
She sat him down for a lovely dinner, and after the appetizers, salad and entree came dessert. She fed him the first bite, at which he moaned, delighted at the exquisite taste of the pie. She loved the way his mouth moved as he chewed her luscious pie, the way the cream on top pursed through his lips. He was taken aback as the caramel slowly clinged to his mouth, and a slight amount stuck to his chin. He finished his piece of pie and sat himself back in the chair, delighted at what length of time Lucy had gone to prepare such an orgasmic treat.
Lucy became aroused, and she slowly began to remove her shirt, biting her lower lip, nipples slightly pert and erect, and slowly kicking her shoes towards the door. She could tell the way he ate her pie that he would provide her with hours of passionate and almost artistic love-making.
Amazed at the delicacy of the dessert and unable to fathom how he could endure more sweets, Ricky got up and went home.

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