Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Going to Florianópolis and...

...I'll be back in a little less than a week with pictures, stories, maybe a little video or two.
We're going to be there for an event for the exchange program. The format seems like it will be about the same as last year, only this time we don't get to present. Like I said before, I'm kinda disappointed about that. I thought that was definitely a high point of the event last year.
I'm looking forward to it, though. I'll see some old friends from Florianópolis that I haven't seen since early last year and some of the peepz from last year at WSSU and Charlotte. So it should be fun.
We're going to eat at that seafood restaurant that we ate at last time, and I think we might be getting some good feijoada or something like that on Saturday. I hope to get to do some mountain hiking in this time, just like last time. Definitely a great time. Nothing like hiking up high mountains and the whole time seeing the ocean out there. It's awesome. It should also help me prepare for three weeks on the Appalachian in August.
If you're interested in why I'm doing that, head on over to Policy Reform in Action and get involved!

Thanks for stopping by, and like I said, I will have lots of pictures and other things like that when I get back. Peace.

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