Monday, January 29, 2007

Jan 28th - Nice day for a walk and lots of rain

It has been raining quite a bit for the past two days here in Curitiba.
We went to the Oscar Niemeyer Museum (actually went inside) then had to walk home, a little over two miles, in the pouring rain. So that was pretty exciting. I really enjoyed looking at the "Arte de Cuba" display the museum had. It covered the entire 20th century and had a little exposition about each decade and the art movement that took place that decade in Cuba.
There were some other exhibits there, but most wouldn't let us take pictures. I took some pictures of this one guy's exhibit, Juan Carlos Brugner, who had some pretty awesome looking stuff and some sweet music to go along with it. I also took a picture of a model of the museum we were in. Talk about trippy!!!
I also got pictures of two more of those stupid cows on the Cow Parade. So that's four out of the total 24. Twenty more to go!!! I don't think I'll get all of them, unfortunately. Some are out near the airport nad others are pretty far away from here.
So then we walked home, in the rain. I took a nice little shot of us once we finally got to the apartment. Pretty sexy little picture I think.
I'll add captions to the pictures that I think need them, otherwise I'll just leave the pictures as is.

Anyway, in other news, I have decided on the classes I'm interested in taking at the university here. I may have already typed this, but I doubt it.
Tópicos na história contemporânea: Os regimes políticos não pluralista no século XX (Europa e América Látina)
Língua Portuguesa I
Etnologia Indígena

Also, Caroline is taking Português para Estrangeiros classes at CELIN. I may have already typed that, also. Anyway, she's learning some stuff pretty quickly, so that's nice.

I can't think of any other exciting news, so you're lucky. Here are some pictures.


Juan Carlos Brugner


Rest are Cuban art.



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