Friday, January 19, 2007

In Brazil!!!

I don't have the pictures for proof yet, but Caroline and I arrived in Rio de Janeiro yesterday afternoon. Yesterday evening we got on a plane to São Paulo. We stayed with Caio and his fiance last night and now we have a hotel that is located on the main avenue in São Paulo, Avenida Paulista. We're located near everything, and we're two blocks away from a metrô stop, so we can go almost anywhere in the city.
Monday night we're going to take an overnight bus to Curitiba. It will be a nice break from all the flying we've been doing. Tonight we're just going to hang out with Caio, Daniele, maybe André and his girlfriend, and hopefully I can get ahold of another "goon", Liz, who is studying in São Paulo. She is an American who goes to school in Minnesota (I think).
It is extremely exciting being back in Brazil. I was singing on the plane, embarassing Caroline, and looking to speak Portuguese any chance I got.
Daniele and Caio still won't let me speak Portuguese to them (free English lessons are rare around here), but it's okay. I'll have plenty of chances. Caroline has been picking up phrases and words really quickly, so that's nice.
I have taken a few pictures already but am unable to upload them for some reason. I will do that when I get into Curitiba.
We'll be living with Rachel, a student from UFPR who also studied abroad at UNCC. She has DSL internet so that is pretty good for us. Especially Caroline, though, who is taking online classes through FTCC.
Anyway, that's all for now. We're going to explore the city some more and see what all is out there in this city of 20 million people.
Tell everyone that the Goon in Brazil blog is back up and running. I'll be having just as many pictures and just as many stories as last time. I look forward to entertaining you all again!!!
Peace out and enjoy life!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Z & C
I'm glad yall made it there okay.
I'm in Seattle and miss you.
Have fun