Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Guess who's going back to Brazil!!!

That's right, I'll be heading back to Brazil very soon; January 17th in fact.
My itinerary right now looks like this:
Arrive in Rio de Janeiro January 18th. Stay there for a few days.
After that, go to São Paulo for a few days to hang out with Caio, Daniela, André and a few other peepz, and also go get a sweet ass mortadela sandwich from Mercadão.
After that go to Curitiba. I'll be living there again while studying, only this time I'll be living with Rachel, a friend I met while there the first time.
Unlike last time, though, I'll only be there until July 3rd. I'll be leaving out of Rio de Janeiro on that day and arriving back in Raleigh on July 4th. I'm doing that this time because I need to take a summer class or two, but I absolutely must graduate in Spring of 2008. I cannot afford to incur more student loan debt or anything else.
Anyway, I'm definitely looking forward to this. I wasn't able to sign for the mail today so my visa and passport are waiting at the post office right now.
There probably won't be many posts until that point, and I may not be able to post as much this time around as I did last time, but you can be sure that I will give it my best shot.
Thanks to everyone for keeping up last time and I hope you all keep up with my journey's this time!

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