Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Back in Curitiba!

Hello again people.
Caroline and I are now living in Curitiba. We got here yesterday evening, set up our air bed and cleaned out our bags, then went out and got a quick bite to eat. Pretty soon I am going to the DPF (Departamento Polícia Federal) to register as a student, then in the next month I'll register for my classes.
Today so far we have just been walking around the city (I told her we would walk several miles per day). Pretty soon I'm gonna take her to Passeio Público and Mercado Municipal. I called Stefani to see if he wanted to get together, but he said tomorrow. I called Athos, a friend that I had my history class with, and he met Caroline and I for lunch today. So that was pretty fun.
Tomorrow I am going to take Caroline to my old Capoeira class so she can meet some of the people there and talk to Sombra about going to Comunidade Gira-sol to work with the kids there. I might go visit Joseane and say hey to her, also. I may also see if I can find Leandro's apartment and pay him a visit.
Rachel still has dialup until tomorrow, so I don't have the ability to post any pictures yet, but I have already taken something like 200 pictures, so it looks like this time around will be just like the last one. Tons of pictures! So everyone should enjoy that.
So most people know that we have to leave the country after 90 days because of Caroline's visa (we have to be out of the country for two days, then we can come back). Well, I found out that we can't go to Asuncion, Paraguay because Americans need a visa to get into the country.
So now I am looking into going to Montevideo in Uruguay, which I've heard is very nice, and also Buenos Aires in Argentina. Of course, where we go all depends on how much it costs to go there. I'm actually looking at prices as I type this, so I'll post the prices as soon as I do that.
I also looked at AA.com and found out that I have about 27,000 AAdvantage miles, so that's nice. Only about 13,000 to go. That will be filled up quickly with flighs in Brazil and also the flight back home. Hopefully my next flight to Brazil is FREE!That would be really awesome.
Anyway, I guess that's all for now. I'm still looking for prices and Caroline is doing a test for one of her online classes. Hopefully she can find the time to learn a little bit of Portuguese.
Thanks to everyone for visiting. More to come soon!

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