Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Packed and ready to go

So here are ALL of my bags. Aside from the computer I'm posting this with and the camera with which I took the picture, everything is packed up and ready to go. Those who are aware of how much I came here with will notice that I am leaving with less. Note to the students coming to Brazil next year (if you're a guy, anyway): Don't bring formal clothes! All they do is take up space because you will NEVER need them.

I guess this is a pretty pointless post, I've just been up all night and I'm not leaving for the airport for another two hours or so. The big red suitcase has in it everything that I absolutely do not need for the rest of my trip here, so I will be leaving that at Caio's house during my travels. The black leather (hell yeah) bag has all of my clothes in it, along with bathroom stuff like tampons and midol... I mean shampoo, toothpaste, stuff like that. The bookbag has two sets of clothes in it (2 boxers, 2 pair socks, 2 shirts, 2 shorts), six (6) packets of grits, my flight papers and will soon be holding my laptop and camera.
Caio is coming to Salvador at the same time as me, and is also taking the same flight back to São Paulo, so his mom agreed to pick him up that morning and at the same time bring my huge suitcase. This is really awesome of her as it is saving me a helluva lot of trouble.
Anyway, now I'm just trying to find an excuse to write about crap so I figure I'll go ahead and go before this gets repetitive and redundant.... GOTCHU!
Aight seriously, I'm out.
Peace up, A-town down, word up, one love.

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