Thursday, July 06, 2006

In São Paulo, y0:

Having several prostitutes in downtown São Paulo, at 2PM, saying to you as you pass by "vem cà jovem, vem cà." Which is just "come here" basically. "Jovem means "young" so I don`t know how to throw that into the translation. Was new though, quite weird also, and kinda made me feel dirty.

So I arrived in São Paulo yesterday at about 11AM. Since I got in at Congonhas I had no problems, took me about 5 minutes to get my bag and that was it.
RIght now I`m at Caio`s house and he`s at work. I hung out with André yesterday, a student of Caio`s. I spoke about 10 words of English yesterday so that was nice.
We walked around a whole bunch yesterday and today for probably 4 1/2 hours, all around downtown São Paulo. I took a few pictures but I must warn everyone that I have already seen a whole bunch of this city so I won`t be walking around with my camera everywhere unless Caio says something like "you might wanna take pictures of this." Hopefully this doesn't disappoint any of you. I am still taking a few pictures though, like I did today. So, here a few of them are.
Keep in mind as well that once I get back into the USA I will post everything I`m writing on my laptop. No one will read any of it but it doesn`t matter. I`ll post it anyway. I was thinking about writing it all in a little journal, but I type faster than I write and I can actually read what I type as opposed to my handwriting.
Anyway, here are the pictures:

My "futebol" jerseys. Left is Corinthians, a team here in São Paulo (#10 Carlitos) and on the right is my 2006 World Cup Brazil jersey. #9 is Ronaldo, on the bottom left of the shirt it says "Nascido para Jogar Futebol", which means "Born to play Soccer". Didn't look like it this year, did it?

The first church to be founded in São Paulo. This is where the city was founded also.

These next three are of Mercado Municipal. This place was awesome. It was just like a huge Farmers' Market. I had some pineapple w/peppermint juice which kicked ass and a Mortadella sandwich which was the greatest thing to ever come across my lips (except... nevermind.)

I'll have some history about this place whenever I post everything else I've written on my laptop. Right now this place is a museum, but it used to be a prison used for torture. Again, I'll have a lot more about this place. It was called "Dopes" for anyone who wants to it.

And where I'm sleeping at Caio's house. Those of you who have been here before will notice that this bed and room are significantly nicer than my place at Joseane's, and will also notice there are no pictures of Jesus hanging above my bed. WIN!

I have a few more pictures but they'll have to come later because I accidentally deleted them off of my camera (they're uploaded to my Photobucket account, though). I'm not posting them because they weren't automatically rotated so I'll have to do that myself later. Really all I have that`s worth posting is a picture of this MASSIVE church, called Igreja de Sé. It was seriously insanely huge. I posted a picture of the church at Tiradentes in Curitiba if anyone wants to go look at that for comparison; this church was at least twice as big as that one.
Okay I`m done being on the computer for the day. Hopefully everyone enjoys the new pictures and such, I`ll have more as I`m here in São Paulo, but it`s likely that I won't be able to post any while I'm in other parts of the country, so you'll just have to wait a little while for those.
Peace out everyone and remember...
A-town down.


Anonymous said...

Hey Zach!! Jaden and I were reading your blog sounds like you are having alot of fun! When you come home we will come see you. Jaden wants me to tell you he loves you and he wants to come see you when you get back! Have fun and be safe!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Zach!! Jaden and I just got finished reading your blog! It sounds like you are having alot of fun! I bet you don't want to come home!! We are going to come see you when you get back. Jaden wants me to tell you he loves you and he wants to see you. Be careful and I will see you when you get back! Love ya, Alex!