Sunday, July 09, 2006

More pictures:

To start us off, here is the picture of that massive church I mentioned earlier. I am starting with this picture to hopefully help us be forgiven for the sin and debauchery committed in the pictures I will post afterwards.

Huge church. Igreja de Sé. Might be "do Sé", not sure. Very nice place, though. I have a high-res version if anyone wants it, just leave a comment.

So now on to the drunken antics and concerts and other stuff that is of a fun yet innocent nature here in São Paulo. I am working on uploading a video to youtube and I will post it here soon enough, maybe even tonight if it finishes uploading (I have high-speed here at Caio's house so that's nice.) It is all in Portuguese and since it is mostly drunk Portuguese I probably won't be able to translate most of it. Anyway, on to the pictures that you all want to see.

Caio downing his alcoholic beverage of choice, Brahma, out of a huge glass. These glasses were filled to the brim with 900ml (about 1 quart) of beer.

And here is me having one of my own. Yummy.

And here is my glass, empty. Caio and I each had three of these things, full of beer.

BIG TIME ORQUESTRA! These guys played some cool swing music, a few soul classics, and a few other songs from a couple different genres. They were really good.


A few gay Brazilians dancing with each other.

Next three are of Luís. Apparently he loves his beer more than most people.

Watch as he seduces her with a romantic traditional Brazilian love song.

Divert your eyes as he proceeds to make malty love to his Brahma.

Don't think he's going to fit in the drunk. What should we do?

Just throw Luís in the trunk.

It looks like he doesn't wanna be in there, unfortunately.

Brazilians always looking for a fight.

I'm really not too sure what is happening in this picture.

We probably should have stopped drinking three hours earlier.

Lesson? Alcohol is evil, people. My dad was right. When you drink, try to limit yourself to an amount where you will remember things you say and do.
And now, some pictures from the following night. We went to this club that had a few bands playing. The first band played this spy/surf sounding kinda James Bond type music, and the next did some rockabilly 60's Elvis type of stuff. Pretty good time.

Bad shot of the first band. We were standing in the back just kinda boppin' our heads.

Another bad shot.

Here is the second band, the main act. The name of the band is Crazy Legs (yup, in English, but translated it would be "pernas loucas" for all those wanting some education from this blog).

Sweet ass guitar solo.

Having a few technical problems.

Nice shot of the bassist jammin' out on that huge instrument of his.

*Removed the video. I don't want people to watch it now that I think about it. If you really wanna see it let me know and I'll email you a link. THANKS!*


Messiah said...

Igreja DA Sé.

Tiphane, T-Bizzy, whicheveryouprefer said...

Wow, Zack, looks like fun. If you'd told me you'd be hanging out with so many hot Brazilian guys, I may have cashed in everything I own to travel with you. LOL Just kiddin. I wish I could make indiviudal comments for each picture, cuz on the one where you said the band was great, I was gonna say, "What do you know, you were drunk!" It would have been much funnier had it been under the actual pic. Good job on not dying yet. : )

Terri D. said...

Hey, that band looked awesome! I'm glad you're having a good time in Sao Paulo. Hey, so, Italy walked off with the trophy. I'm sure you're just glad that France didn't win. Well, I just wanted to pop in a say hi, cause I haven't in a while, and I just read your posts and don't say anything. Anyway, catch you later. -- Terri