Thursday, July 13, 2006

In Rio, off to Belo Horizonte

Apparently below it is Igreja da Sé, so neither guess was right (thanks Messiah).
I'm in Rio right now. I went hang gliding and didn't die, so that's nice. I have gotten lost a few times, went to about 10 museums and a few libraries to satisfy the nerd in me, then went to a few other places. I've gotten lost a couple times (on purpose), and spent about 5 hours just in Botafogo today in museums and stuff.
I'm taking as many pictures as I can without risking getting jumped or having my camera stolen, and a few places I couldn't get into simply because of the way I was dressed (a green Brasil shirt, green swim shorts, and some sandals). These places were like the Teatro Municipal and another theatre, but whatever, I got pictures of the outside of these places.
Speaking of Messiah, I've been seeing a lot of Jesus in Rio. He's huge, but I didn't think it was worth R$65 to stand at the bottom of his feet. Greatest Jew there ever was, though (represent, Chosen Ones!)
Okay well, no pictures or anything like that yet. I've been keeping a little "travel journal" in English and Portuguese, so I'll post that later, and I'll post all my pictures later, too.
Anyway I'm gonna go grab something to eat quick, some suco de uva (grape juice what what) and then go to bed, then get up and go to the beach, then go to bed again. I walked for miles today, probably 10 miles, one of those miles was up a huge hill (Morro do Pasmado) so I could look out over Botafogo Bay.
Hope everyone has enjoyed my little update. I have only 12 days left in Brazil, as my last day will be spent flying to the USA.
Also there are 5 other Americans in here running their American mouths in their American English. I wish they'd shut the hell up. I haven't spoken English at all in Rio so these people need to learn some damn Portuguese or go back to where they came from!!!!
Aight I'm out. Take it easy peepz and I'll see about posting again sometime in the near future, wherever I'm at at that certain time.
Peace out dawgs.


Messiah said...

I'm always right.

Y0, good to read all of that. Have a good time.

PS: Did you spit on anyone's head while you were hang gliding?

Eric Grynberg said...

Já que é pra você aprender português, eheh.

Bem, legal que você está visitando aqui no Rio, pena não poder te encontrar, aproveite a sua estada aqui na minha cidade, até \o.