Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hello again peepz:

It's raining here on my first day in Salvador, but no big deal really because not too much action happens in Salvador on Sunday it appears. I went out to the Pelourinho last night but was kinda tired from waking up early yesterday, plus a flight plus having sat under the sun for 5 straight days in Fortaleza and Porto de Galinhas. All that kinda makes one tired.
Again I have a ton of pictures to post, but I have none from Fortaleza and since I was previously in Salvador for a week in February I doubt I'll have many, if any, from this trip. I probably won't carry my camera around except maybe Tuesday night in Pelourinho when I go watch Olodum play and go to this little street party they have there every Tuesday. I'm saving what little bit of money I have left until my last day in Pelourinho and for a little bit of money to eat in the airport in São Paulo.
If anyone wants anything leave me a message on here or email me at and I'll pick it up for you.
Right now I'm sitting in a restaurant on the beach in Porto da Barra. I just finished eating and ordered something else to go. Since the weather kinda sucks I'll probably go back to my room (it's 4PM right now), turn on a movie (O Homem do Ano or Cidade de Deus) and eat my other food a little later.
Hopefully the weather gets better because I want go to back to the Pelourinho tonight and get some sweet ass carne do sol from this restaurant I remember from the last time I was here. If it doesn't though, I'm gonna go tomorrow and watch some capoeira, probably visit the Museum of Sacred Art and if I can, get a schooner tour of the city. I've heard it's nice seeing the city from the ocean like that.
Okay well, time is running out here and I don't wanna pay another real for just one minute of time. Hopefully you have all enjoyed my successive posts. I'll see what I can do again tomorrow, because the internet in this place (which is only a block away from my hotel, which is right on the damn beach for only R$35 per damn night!!!!) is pretty cheap.
Aight peepz, take it easy and I'll be back in the USA in about 78 hours. Tchau everyone.

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