Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sup peepz

I'm in the Salvador airport. I said bye to Becca and Keren in Recife today. We spent 4 straight days in Porto de Galinhas and went nowhere else. No reason to go anywhere else when it's that beautiful there.
I'm about to go to my hotel right now. I also got cornrows put in my hair because I'm OG. I might have to take them out before I get to the US, but I have pictures. I might get it redone though (here in Salvador.) I have more than 500 pictures taken since Rio de Janeiro so everyone can prepare for a visual onslaught when I finally am able to post them.
I hope everyone is having a good time. Thanks to Pedro for letting me stay with him that night in Belo Horizonte. Everything here has been awesome and I am 150% not looking forward to going back to the US.
Hope everyone enjoyed this little update. Take it easy peepz. Tchau.

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Claire Marie said...


te amo mas tan todo el mundo y dios tambien!!!