Monday, July 24, 2006

My 100th post:

Apparently using the internet on the beach at these little cafés while watching the sunset is popular, so that's what I'm doing. I spent all day today, from 8AM until now (plus a few more hours after this) in Pelourinho and the Centro Histórico.
I had my cornrows redone so now I look like a Brazilian soccer player, gangster as hell AND white, so beat that you bitches.
I also spent A SHITLOAD OF MONEY TODAY. Almost $260USD. That's right, not Brazilian Reais, but American fat green dollars. I swear I hope I can afford my hotel and the bus back to the airport tomorrow. If not, I'm definitely screwed. I may just have to walk to the damn airport, and that would take HOURS.
I have about $70 in my checking account which should be enough to pay for my hotel. Unfortunately what I may have to do is go back to Pelourinho tomorrow, get a R$50 refund for something I can't fully pay for now (cost was R$150 but I only have $5 left on my credit card) and if I can't get a refund ask what I can get for R$50 (probably nothing this place looks expensive as hell).
After that I will have to get on a bus and go immediately to the airport at damn 12 or 1PM, which will suck balls since my flight doesn't leave until 2-in-the-damn-AM. Spending 12 hours in an airport plus flying for nearly 20 hours is not my idea of fun. But if it's what I have to do then that's what I'm gonna do.
Okay well I'm gonna go back to my hotel, try to pay for my stay tonight so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow (R$35/night*3=R$105 ~= $50.) That leaves me virtually no money but whatever I'll just have to make do with what I have on my last day here.
I took plenty of pictures today even though I said I probably wouldn't. Take it easy peepz and you'll get an update from me when I get back into the USA.
Laterz foolz.

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100 is a gay number.