Saturday, June 03, 2006

Updated itinerary: This time it's for real!

Here's my new itinerary. I'm not so sure about internet access during this whole trip except while I'm in São Paulo. I know of an internet café near where I'll be staying in both Recife and Salvador, so I could probably post small updates but probably no pictures. Because of this for the first time since I was 17 or so I will actually be behind on what's going on in the world. Don't let that make you think I won't catch up damn quick though. You can be assured that once I get back home to the US though I will post all the rest of my pictures from all of the following places.

**July 2nd: Arrive in Florianópolis late night - Will be taking a "golden" bus here, 3 1/2 hour trip or so for R$35 one way. I have two friends here, Ana Paula and Fernanda. Staying with them is the best option but if not, understandable. Beaches, waves, and a nice hidden waterfall I found last time that I hope I can go get some pictures of this time. - R$70 total.
**July 5th: Arrive in São Paulo 11:10AM - Will be staying with Caio and hanging out with him, Daniela, André, Wes, and a few other peepz while I'm there. Maybe get to have another batida at Cul do Padre and then just see what else is around. Maybe make another trip to the Bat Cave to see what new stuff is there. - R$119,12
**July 10th: Arrive in Rio de Janeiro 12:00PM - Working on finding someone here to stay with. Will be here for the celebrations for Brazil's sixth FIFA World Cup victory. Should definitely be exciting. Other than that, beaches, good drinks, and a huge statue of Our Holy Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. - R$220,12
**July 14th: Arrive in Ouro Prêto early morning - I'll be taking a leito sleeper bus here overnight from Rio. I have heard they open up the student dorms during times in which school is not in session. I'll be meeting up with Rebecca and her sister here on the 15th. There is supposed to be tons of amazing architecture here so I'll definitely be hooking up the B&W option on my camera for some awesome pictures. - R$85
**July 18th: Arrive Fortaleza 12:30AM - Not here for very long, but we wanted to get to the beach, see the sanddunes, and maybe some dolphins if we're lucky. - R$479,12
**July 19th: Arrive Recife 3:05PM - Enjoyed it so much I'm going back. We'll probably go to Porto de Galinhas, Olinda, Old Recife, and do some snorkeling and other things. - R$159,12
**July 22nd: Arrive Salvador 3:30PM - Coming back again to hang out with Marcos and Rogerio before I go back to the US. Will see what sort of stuff I can get into without the Carnival crowd. - R$129,12
**July 26th: Arrive São Paulo 4:45AM - Leaving from São Paulo around 10:30AM for Miami. Lots of flying within such a short period of time, but definitely worth it. - R$219,12

So in all the travel costs are around R$1400 I think. This is about R$200 less than the trip that included Manaus, and includes two more flights which will save me lots of time from having to ride a bus. I'm still going to Florianópolis again before I go to São Paulo, but those dates aren't really yet confirmed because I need to talk to Ana Paula and also Rebecca's family (real family) is coming here and her other family (the hosts) are having a big churrasco for everyone (even though by then Rebecca and I will be the only American students here), so I need to find out when exactly that is (either July 1st or 2nd). So even though it says July 2nd, I'll have to wait and see if it's actually the 2nd or 3rd that I go to Florianópolis.

Also, I got a 7.5 out of 10 on my literature exam from last Friday which is good enough for passing! So that's cool.

Okay that's it, have a great day everyone (it's 4:38AM here.)

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You missed the U2 tribute band concert in W-S last night, but so did I. I would have walked from Mocksville to W-S to see the real U2. Life in NC is really exciting.

You are already rich