Sunday, June 04, 2006

Itinerary now with map!

This is a simple and small post.
Here is a thumbnail link to a map of Brazil. The red dots are cities that I will be going to during my last month here.
The red dot for Curitiba is just to show my starting point.
Refer below to the itinerary to see where I'll be and when.
Just as a note, Ouro PrĂȘto is about 2 hours southeast of Belo Horizonte and Porto de Galinhas is about an hour south of Recife.
So check out the map, marvel at how far and how many times I'll be flying during such a short period of time, and then realize exactly how tired I will be once I land back in the US.

For all the less than intelligent out there, just click on the little picture and a larger one will pop up. This has been your daily instructional lesson, good night.

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