Friday, June 09, 2006


Hi there everyone!
So I got my package from Mom finally. Brazilian customs (possibly at the suggestion of the US government) decided to open my box and go through all my crap like a bunch of madmen, so the box was taped up to high hell and all the envelopes and everything were opened up. Whatever though, because everything was in there. So what was included? Some warmer clothes, which will be nice in these cold Curitibano months, a 10-pack of funsize Snickers, and what looks like 20 or so packets of Quaker Instant Grits. I can't wait to dig into those.
One of the best things I got is the batteries and battery recharger. My old charger died on me a while back and as I'm sure lots of you have noticed, the pictures on this page have been lacking. But with new high-power batteries and a recharger, you should be getting a few pictures. I'm still just in Curitiba so most of what I could take pictures of has already been shown, but I'll see what I can do.
The best pictures will likely come during my trip around the country in the last three weeks, where, again, I'll be hitting up São Paulo again, Rio, Florianópolis, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Recife, and Salvador. I'll be on my own in Rio, even though apparently Rebecca will be there at the same time (family lives there) and in Salvador. Should be fun, though, especially now that I know a whole helluva lot more Portuguese than I did when I was in Recife by myself.
The only pictures I have right now are pictures I took of myself this morning after I got out of the shower and kinda did my hair and shaved. Look pretty good but I'm not gonna be posting those for obvious reasons (I either don't want stalkers or don't want you throwing up looking at them. Take your pick).
So again, look forward to pictures, travels, and all that jive.
BTW for everyone who doesn't know yet...
Dec. 11th - Jan. 4th I'll be in Italy!!! Once I hit up that side of the world, I'll probably change the name of this blog to "Goon around the World" or something, as I'll try to hit up another country or two while in Italy (the Vatican is a sovereign area right?) If anyone wants to donate to my cause of experiencing the world and it's vast culture and language, then please let me know. Depending on how much/how far it is, I may to go Portugal while in Europe and check all that jive out.
How am I paying for all this? Credit card!!! You're only young once, may as well live it up instead of being a boring ass sitting around doing nothing forever. I'll pay it all off by the time I'm 50 hopefully.

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