Friday, June 02, 2006


So I'm stressing about this presentation that I don't even have to do until November and could easily put off research for it until school starts back (August 22nd), but that's not what I do now, is it? No, I want to be prepared, ready to get up there and win everyone over, maybe get the paper published, maybe skip my MA and go right to PhD, maybe get rich.
Anyway I'm looking at a paper that is probably near 30 pages, possibly longer but hopefully no more than 35 (depends on footnotes, citations, etc.) These page numbers do not include title page and bibliography (which will be extensive in terms of sources, but probably not so much in terms of location of sources, i.e. WWF, National Geographic, BBC News, NYTimes, etc.)
Okay so basically here's what I need you people to do. Find me articles that have to do with the abstract that I am about to post. I need articles from New Scientist, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, some organization that specializes in global warming and climate change (not Al Gore, lol just kidding I love you dawg), and anything else you people find to be interesting.
Remember that although you're not being monetarily compensated you're building up karma points and since most of you who come to my blog are Americans, you'll definitely need them for the negative karma that is building around you.
So help me out please.
I'm still waiting on my battery recharger and batteries. Once they arrive, I will have pictures from Brazil, even if they're just random shots of the street, cars, people, or my own ass with Brazil written across it in Sharpie. Hopefully no jackass in the mail system here stole it. No idea what the timeline is on delivery though since Mom didn't tell me what time she shipped it under (one week, two week, regular, no idea). No big deal though, nothing big is happening in Curitiba.
Tie in to my presentation: I will be using material in my presentation that was presented at the Third UN Convention on Biological Diversity that took place here in Curitiba during mid-to-late March. That means in my footnotes I get to put something in Portuguese and translate it and show those people I'm even smarter than they originally though. I can't wait!
Extra tickets (dinner, tickets to the presentation, materials and handouts, etc) are $25 for the three-day event, so please if you're interested check it out. 24th Annual Association of Third World Studies, Inc. Meeting, Google it y0.

Human and Environmental Destruction at the Blade of Prosperity’s Ax in Indonesian Borneo
Brief (200 word) description of paper:
Using scholarly articles I will investigate the danger of palm-oil plantation agreements between China and Indonesia.
In the name of short-term economic development, Indonesia has agreed to what could lead to the destruction of the entire rainforest region of Indonesian Borneo within the next 30 years.
The problems this presents to Indonesia as an individual state include the destruction of the local environment that will lead to the endangerment and extinction of numerous animal and plant species and the endangerment of local and nearby indigenous groups of Borneo who rely on the flora and fauna as food and medicine sources and the forest itself as a way of life.
Given the importance of the Borneo rainforests, the affects of their destruction will extend to a world scale. Affected will be global climate conditions including an increase in “greenhouse gases”, the continued increase of the average global temperature, continued melting of glaciers and rising water levels.
Presented evidence will show how the dangers of the agreed-upon systematic destruction of the rainforests of Indonesian Borneo will affect the local environment, the lifestyle of Borneo’s indigenous, and the global climate and why these matters are of high enough significance to warrant international intervention.


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