Sunday, June 11, 2006

Two more pictures!

Yup, bananas. That whole bunch, plus a few more, cost only R$0,60, which is nothing but about $.28US. Prices for food here are insane.
But wait, what are those orange things? Are they just, mini-oranges? Hmm, I wonder how those taste! Oh wait, they're actually limes. Orange limes. I don't get it. But damn are they good. Brazil has orange, yellow, and green limes, it's madness!!!

What's that? That there, in front of the fruit? Oh shit, it's grits!!! Believe me, tomorrow morning (since it's 2:25AM here) I am having some nice toast with butter, some eggs, hash browns, and grits. Straight outta the USA.


Anonymous said...

Don't those just look good! Hmmm, just like someone else I know. How do they get orange limes?


Eric Grynberg said...

lol, orange limes? i don't remember to see orange limes here in brazil.