Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My day today! Very exciting! Please read!

Today was a pretty awesome day. Just for the record, I have been up for 37 straight hours right now! I am starting to become delirious I think. Anyway, here's what all I did.
I stayed up all night working on that paper, then I went to the library at 8:30AM and worked on it some more. Rebecca showed up at around 10AM or so and we worked on it a little bit together. I told her something about how she could send her paper to herself (email, duh!) at my house and also brought up that I needed to do this cooking thing before all the food I bought went bad. So she said... "why not tonight?" So that was that.
After that we went to lunch and then we went to Passeio Público to read some more and just chill out in the park, so that was pretty nice. After that we walked to my house and we started cooking. When we got here, no one was here so we just started cooking and figured peepz would roll in eventually. Sure enough, we were right. I still have enough food left over that I could cook so I may try and do this one more time before the end of the week, Friday night maybe I'm not sure. Hopefully though because I don't want to eat all of this stuff by myself.
So here are some pictures of me from this morning while I was comatose, then some from Passeio Público, then from the cooking and eating and stuff. I'm still uploading them so wait a minute. I'm going to type a period for every subsequent minute I wait for these pictures to load (stupid Brazilian dialup!)
Okay I can't take that anymore, I'm going to post whatever is already uploaded and go to bed, you'll get the rest later. I'm tired as hell and I might pass out at the computer and I might die. Sorry to all my enemies but I'm too young to die! I have too much to do in this world before that day comes. These aren't in the usual order I post them. From top to bottom you get latest to oldest, so go to the bottom of this post if you want to follow it in the right order. Okay this is actualy it, in the time I wrote all the descriptions to the pictures all of them finished uploading.
I wanna say thanks to Becca for helping me out and prepping up an awesome dinner. For some reason there are no pictures of the finished fruit salad, but she did an awesome job with it and made it look really great. Her "paizinhos" weren't too bad either. She was definitely awesome as she helped me wash dishes, keep them clean as we cooked (because we had to reuse things multiple times) and just was overall a great sidekick in the kitchen. THX!!! :-)

RONALDINHA!!! Seriously wtf is going on here?

Becca apparently hasn't satiated her appetite and is going after... is that... Tiphane's nose?

Joseane finally helping clean up the damn kitchen. I was tired of doing that stuff all the time, I'm a man damnet!

Looks like she's had her fill.


Crammin' like finals week.

Everyone hurrying to eat before the food gets cold.

Sugar-glazed carrots, green beans with green peppers, onions, and some bacon and louro (bay leaf) bouillion stuff (possibly the best side of the night), steamed broccoli with gorganzola (or this), and potatoes for some awesome garlic and parmesan mashed potatoes.

"Spicy Lime Chicken". It was damn spicy all right, and with a little extra lime juice squirted on once on the plate, it was extra good.

Becca prepping up some "paizinhos" (:rolleyes: at Tiphane).

Raekwon th... I mean, Zack the Chef.

Eatin' the rub. Thyme, cayenne pepper sauce, soy oil, calabresa pepper and a little salt and pepper.

Becca gettin' her mack on with a mango.

Lookin' like a pro.

It's hard to tell whether or not I was actually safe in this kitchen.

No flash and a little blur makes this a scary picture.

All the food. Oranges, mangos, bananas, apples, limes, green beans, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, biscuit mix, noodles, chicken, shrimp, butter, gorganzola, and a few other things not shown in preparation for the feasting.

Out at Passeio Público.

A cool (likely man-made) rock formation at Passeio Público close to where we were sitting.

My third tattoo.

My first tattoo.

My second tattoo.

My fourth tattoo. Where am I going to put numbers five and six?!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun

Cindy said...

it is your mother saying it looks like fun, and it does. I forgot to put it in my name. Sorry