Monday, May 01, 2006

Message of thanks:

I would like to thank the people who posted good comments not only on my blog but those of you who personally emailed me to tell me that you appreciated what I posted on my blog.
I'm aware that it's hard to reach people in this day and age of technology (which obviously I'm taking full advantage of), but I respect and admire those who take the time to read and try their best to be aware of the things going on around them.
In this day and age of war, nuclear proliferation, scandal and corruption by our very own government, it's important to maintain awareness and always question the actions and motives of those in charge, else we lose all of our rights and privileges at the hands of those with money.
So again, thanks to those who took my posts to heart, thanks for those who thought when asked to think, and thanks for the comments. It inspires me and lets me know that not all hope is lost and that I do have something to continue fighting for, not only while here in Brazil but once I return to the USA as well. I am not spreading a message of hate, only a message of truth and intellectual enlightenment that I hope everyone tries to obtain regarding the things going on in the world.
Wanna thank my friend "The Messiah" for his encouraging comments, Katrena for what I at least took as a positive and encouraging compliment, Dr. Anderson for still encouraging people to come to my blog despite what I've posted, and even the people who said "I may disagree with some stuff but this kind of speech is definitely needed in times like this."
I'd like to thank my Republican friends who are beginning to come to the "dark side" and finally realizing now what a large number of us have realized for the past six years. Remember that it's important to criticize and critique everyone in government, not just members of your opposition party. Only then will government work (at least better than it is now).

This isn't all, though. Coming soon I will have my reflections of now having been in Brazil for four months. I posted something similar after I had been here for two months, and will now do it after four months, and I will do it again at six months, and then in the seventh month one large wrapup post about what all I have learned, everywhere I've been, what new things I've experienced and the friendships I've made here that hopefully will last a lifetime (I'll need it if I intend to retain my Portuguese).
Again, there will be few pictures unless they're of Tiphane or me, or unless I just decide to take random pictures. The museum up the block (Museu Oscar Niemeyer) is open for free on Sunday (in my opinion the normal charge for students is practically free; R$2,00. This is less than US$1). So I may go there and take some pictures of the new exibits and maybe some new shots of old exibits, especially now that I'm much more familiar with my camera and how it works.
I've been saving money lately though and stuff of that nature, so in some upcoming weekend I may take a trip somewhere for a few days, just to get out of Curitiba and visit a new place (or even an old place like Florianópolis or Ilha do Mel). That way you'll all get your ADD fix with pictures.
In the meantime, my hair is getting longer but at least I've been shaving so I'm not a total hippy, I've got two new ideas for tattoos (nothing huge, just stuff similar to my chest tattoo... tattoos are cheaper here in Brazil!), I'm learning lots more Portuguese, and I'm hanging out with and meeting a whole lot of new people thanks to the people in my classes and also much thanks to Leonardo for inviting me everywhere and introducing me to his friends. He's an awesome person (studied at UNCC).
He just received a huge scholarship and stipend to do his PhD at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, so that's kinda close to NC (only four hours from Winston-Salem). I also met the students from UFPR who will be studying at the three USA institutions this coming fall semester. One coming to WSSU, one to UNCC, and one to USC. I'm going to try to get down to UFSC and meet the students from there who are going to the USA, and if I get to go back to Salvador I'll try to meet those students.
Overall, although sometimes (mostly on Saturday) I'm sometimes like "shit I could be sitting at home doing nothing in America" I'm having a slam ass time here in Brazil and I've learned more in four months than I could ever learn in the USA just studying.

I wanna give a little shoutout to the POR1312 class at WSSU for sticking with an unfamiliar language and pushing further to the top. I hope you're all gonna keep up with Portuguese next semester so Tiphane, Candace, and I have some people to practice with. I've noticed even from your discussion forum posts that your Portuguese has grown a lot so that's pretty awesome. Good luck to the four of you on your final exams and I'm sure you'll all do excellent.

Again, more to come soon.

BTW - The new TOOL album comes out May 2nd. BUY IT and support good music that is not commercialized bubblegum asscrap that shortens attention spans and makes people stupid. Enjoy the music, enjoy the artwork that comes with it, and remember to think for yourselves, without stereotypes, without judgment, and with an open mind and an open heart.

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Messiah said...

Hey! You are very welcome!
Though there is nothing I did you should thank me for.

Good to see you're enjoying your times in Brazil. I hope you like your stay to the last second.

I'm ansious for "what comes soon".

I'll see if I buy the Tool album. Never liked the bubblegum asscrap anyway.

Well... have a good time.

Open mind and open heart.