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Today is April 26, 2006:

And today is the 20th anniversary of the worst nuclear accident in history, and the worst accident of the 20th century, and quite possibly one of the worst accidents in history. Everyone should be aware of the horrible crimes that are being committed to this very day by George Bush, and realize that his intentions to use nuclear weapons in Iran would be devastating to the entire world, including the USA. I submit these to articles for everyone to read, even though I know most won't, and be aware that in June, Bush intends to test a small nuclear weapon at a Nevada testing site. This is after 12 of the most highly influential and respected nuclear physicists personally wrote a letter to George Bush telling him how horrible and irresponsible of a decision it would be to use nuclear weapons at all. As a side note, George Bush also intends to reopen nuclear production facilities and have them producing 125 new nuclear weapons per year by the year 2022.

So, in respect for those who died, respect for those who still suffer, and in hopes that this will open even the eyes of a few people, here is Chernobyl.

On Saturday, April 26, 1986, at 1:23:58 a.m. local time, the unit 4 reactor of the Chernobyl power plant—known as Chernobyl-4—suffered a catastrophic steam explosion that resulted in a fire, a series of additional explosions, and a nuclear meltdown.
The engineers responsible for reactor 4 (the one that blew up) were running a standard test to see if the reactor could still be cooled efficiently enough when shutdown after a loss of external power. Due to delay, they shut down the reactor too fast, leaving it in a very unstable working condition.
Increased energy output caused the deformation of control rod channels. The rods became stuck after being inserted only one-third of the way, and were therefore unable to stop the reaction. By 1:23:47 the reactor jumped to around 30 GW, ten times the normal operational output. The fuel rods began to melt and the steam pressure rapidly increased causing a large steam explosion, displacing and destroying the reactor lid, rupturing the coolant tubes and then blowing a hole in the roof.
Because the reactor crew only had access to broken or severely underscaled radioactivity meters (dosimeters), they underestimated the dangerous radiation severely (true levels were up to 20,000 roentgen per hour in some areas; lethal dose is around 500 roentgen over 5 hours). Thus, this was the fate of the reactor crew:
In order to prevent this, "liquidators"—members of the army and other workers—were sent in as cleanup staff by the Soviet government. Two of these were sent in wet suits to release the valve to vent the radioactive water, and thus prevent a thermal explosion. These men, just like the other liquidators and firefighters that helped with the cleanup, were not told of the danger they faced. The two men saved millions by releasing the water, yet it is likely they did not even reach the surface again before they died.

The radiation on the surface of the "elephant's foot", as they call it, reaches 10,000 roentgen. As you can see above, lethal dose is 500 roentgen.

This picture was taken at a kindergarten in Pripyat.

"Human robots", September 1986. The picture shows liquidators who, in the days between the 17th and 29th of September in 1986, removed at least 170 tons of nuclear fuel, graphite and contaminated debris of the reactor from the roofs of the plant. Radiation in these areas was 30 times the official lethal dose.  

Preparation of the so-called 'Liquidators' that were sent up to the roof of reactor 3 (sic). The lead plates used to shield the offices of the administration were scavenged to produce makeshift protective gear. It could only be used once, as it absorbed way too much radioactivity. The firemen who were sent to put out the reactor fire were fried on the spot by gamma radiation.

Near Shitomir, a region affected heavily by the radiation and subsequent fallout, the count of animal mutations skyrocketed between 1988 and 1990. Kostin sent photos of these mutations to then president Gorbatschow but never got a response.

Aerial view of the Chernobyl plant on April 26th 1986, 14 hours after the meltdown - the first and only photo from the day of the accident. The picture is heavily distorted due to the extremely high radiation.

A picture of an obviously abandoned kindergarten in Pripyat.

These next two pictures are of the devastating affects the nuclear radiation still has on children born near this area and in Belarus, the country that received the worst of the nuclear radiation from Chernobyl. The first one is of a young girl who is suffering from thyroid cancer, the type of cancer most commonly associated with over-exposure to gamma radiation.
The second is of a horribly abnormal growth on the head of a small child. Believe it or not, even though it is 100% true, the growth is not a tumor, it is her brain and how deformed it became due to the extreme doses of radiation to which she was exposed.
Thousands and thousands have died from all sorts of mutations and cancers, and many in the areas affected still suffer.

The following map illustrates the "hot spots" resulting from the Chernobyl Nuclear accident as of April 26, 1986.

This is how quickly the nuclear cloud spread the very day of the Chernobyl meltdown.
This next map shows the radioactive clouds after the disaster.
The red areas indicate the coverage as of April 27th, 1986. The yellow areas represent the radioactive cloud coverage as of May 6th, 1986. Notice the vast area that was affected in a relatively short period of time.

As you can see, nuclear radiation does not affect only the place at which an explosion occurs. The deadly radioactive clouds spread immensely, affecting the entire world, as is evident by the last map shown. Within 10 days, the cloud moved over nearly all of Asia and Europe, parts of Africa and parts of North America. This map doesn't show how much of this nuclear cloud covered the USA, but it was a heavily significant portion of the country.

As for the links I mentioned, here they are. These two links show the terrible reality that faces us regarding the use of nuclear weapons for warfare. This is all due to a hegemonic authoritarian dictator under the facade of President known as George W. Bush. Everyone please read over everything I have written and realize not only the horrible changes that have affected the USA since he took office, but those that will continue to take affect over the next several decades because of his horrible decisions regarding the economy, war, and civil liberties. I hope everyone takes all of this information and creates something positive out of it and goes out and does good things. Remember, you should always think for yourself and question those in authority.

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Thanks to everyone who read. Take this and use it as a message of hope for those who choose to listen and a message of warning for those who do not.

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