Monday, March 13, 2006

Finally! A few tracks are done!

For those "not in the know", my good friend MC Meshuggah (whose true name shall not be revealed) has finally completed the first three tracks from his new EP, appropriately titled "#1 Kishka". The tracklisting so far is:
1. Because I Can - 2:34
2. It's A Segue! - 0:32
3. Smells Like Gwaltney's - 2:36
"It's A Segue!" and "Smells like Gwaltney's" were actually originally intended to be one song, but he thought it would "flow better" if they were broken up, even though they run together just like one mix. As you could guess from his name, there are no lyrics or anything, at least not on anything he has completed so far, it's all just a bunch of techno and noise. The first one kinda sucks, but "It's A Segue!" and "Smells like Gwaltney's" are actually pretty good. I like the beat he's got going on during the whole minute and a half of organ and piano. Sounds really nice. It's almost like I can see his progression throughout the past two years within three songs. Very nice.
Anyway, I'm working on finding a place to upload the MP3s since he has given me permission to post them around if I have the chance, so I figured, "what the hell", I may as well. I'm pretty sure that he will be embarassed when people laugh at how horrible of a producer he is, but whatever, you only live once and there's no reason not to try. I'm sure he'll keep getting better. He's still working on at least two or three more tracks to complete the EP, both should be around 2:30 or 3:00 long (minutes, that is).
Remember, an EP is just a short sampling, an LP is a full-length album. After he finishes this EP and perfects everything, I think he might try to start handing out a few copies to gather peoples' reactions. Hopefully he fixes track number one because it really isn't all that great. I think he should stick to the rythm and flow of number three. I really dig the drums, organ, and piano and how he puts all that together. Instead of just straight drum and bass, I think it's good he throws in a mix of some actual musical instruments. He has told me he may throw in a little saxophone or something similar, just to play around with the sounds and see what works. The most important thing to remember is that, excluding things that can almost be done only on computer, he plays these instruments himself. The guitars, the bass, all of it, he plays himself. I'm all for that, so hopefully he can get stuff going well.
We'll see though. If things go more like track number one, he's probably doomed for failure. But if he starts to focus more towards his own sound like I think track three does, he should do okay.

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