Saturday, February 18, 2006

A few pictures from Sao Paulo.

I`m in São Paulo right now staying with Caio and his family. They are all really awesome people and have been showing me all around. I haven't been taking many pictures, but here are a few good ones. Will have more soon (I'm just doing this now to clear my memory card for Carnaval.) I have some high-res shots on the way.

Autódromo de Interlagos.

Another shot. I also have high-res pics of this place.

Pathetic people camping out several days before the U2 concert. Reminds me of Mom.

Don't do this at home, because this leads to...


A poisonous toad. I should have licked it to see what would happen. Hey, where are those bubbles and cartoon images coming from?

Small dinosaur.

A big ass python that will probably eat your first child.

Two anacondas.

Nice shot from the plane.


Terri D. said...

Wow, that zoo looks awesome. Like that furry thing I want to take home....And I don't even know what it is! Like, you're making Brazil seem so awesome, and I know that it's like 20 times awesomer that even that. So, I'm hopping the next plane, and I'll meet you in Sao Paolo. Well, maybe not, but when you get back, you totally have to give me all the tips on what the hot spots are.

Terri D. said...

Ooh, actually, they're monkeys aren't they? Yeah, I see that now...............

Still want one, though!