Monday, June 04, 2007

Some pictures from around Curitiba

The following are our most visited restaurants here in Curitiba. You'll see that all of these places are "rodízio" style, which basically means all you can eat. Pretty sweet.

This is the rodízio de pizza. It's a great place. They have something like 40 different kinds of pizza, including dessert pizzas. All for only R$10,90, which is around US$5.50. It's great stuff.

This is Costelão. Costela means rib, so it's an all you can eat ribs place. They serve you fried polenta, rice, bread, salad, and all you can eat beef ribs, chicken, and linguica. It's good stuff, too. All for only R$10,80. Which, again, is around US$5.50. Great place.

This is the greatest restaurant in the whole south of Brazil, Recanto Gaúcho. I would eat here every night if I could. It's awesome stuff. About 12 cuts of meat, huge buffet bar, great coffee at the end of the meal. It's an awesome place. We're gonna make this our last stop in Curitiba on the night of the 21st. I'll try to get some pictures from the inside and everything. Definitely, if you ever come to Curitiba, make sure you stop by this place first.

Caroline pointed this picture out to me. I saw it and basically went, "wtf?"

It says, "Yes, there is a difference!" I guess it means that there is a difference between this company and their competition, but damn. What a way to get your message out there. I guess humor works.

Caroline posing on a tree down one of the many recreation streets Curitiba has. These streets are basically pedestrian streets. This particular one has basketball courts, hard-floor soccer courts, slides, swings, skate ramps, etc. They're pretty cool and encourage all these Curitibanos to stay healthy after eating so much all you can eat pizza, ribs and meat.

Another one of her posing on the tree.

My own personal style here in Curitiba. I can do this in Brazil because no one is around to laugh at me and point and make fun of me.

My favorite souvenirs! My ninja from São Paulo, the beer candle, and my little jangada from Porto de Galinhas in Pernambuco.

Well, that's all for now. We have only a little bit of time left in Curitiba, then it's off to São Paulo, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. It'll be my fourth time in São Paulo, third in Salvador and second in Rio. Stay tuned for more stuff, as always, from Goon in Brazil!
Also, Policy Reform in Action. Peace out peepz.

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