Thursday, June 21, 2007

Last post from Curitiba

Hi all.
This will be my last posting from Curitiba. It's almost 4AM here and I have an exam at 7:30AM.
I am just staying up so I can clean, take a shower, read for the exam, and just in general feel like I'm ready to go. We'll be here tomorrow then we are leaving at 7AM on Thursday morning for São Paulo. We will actually leave for the bus station at 6 or 6:30AM. We should be arriving in São Paulo at around 12:30PM and we'll go from Tietê bus station to our hotel.
Really that's about all there is to this post. No more pictures or anything, at least not right now.
Tomorrow we are going out with a few people to Recanto Gaúcho, last time I'll go there in quite a while probably. Hopefully everyone who says they were coming is still going to show up. Should be pretty fun.
I feel pretty content this time around. Last year, even though I was so ready to travel to other places, I knew that within a few weeks I would be leaving Brazil and I wasn't sure when I would come back.
I still have some general plans to come back next year for a couple months after graduation. This time, like I said, I'm pretty content with leaving. I feel that I have definitely gotten a great experience out of Brazil. Last year it really felt like I need at least another two or three months to get everything out of the trip. I went home, depressed as hell, gained about 200 pounds because my life was shit and I really just wanted to get away. This time, I feel pretty good and am ready to start back up at WSSU, finish there, and see what awaits me after graduation.
I have my organization that I am really trying to get off the ground, so we'll see how that goes over the next few months. Basically, this time I'm not depressed. Sure I would love to stay and travel to places I have yet to go, but in general, I am very content with everything and feel like I am quite ready to get back into the US.
I'm definitely not finished with Brazil though. I still have plenty of places to visit here, plenty of friends I will want to stay in touch with and come back and visit, and I will do everything I possibly can to stay on top of the language and explore more about Brazil and everything that it is as life continues on.
Today is the last day of classes, and I feel pretty confident that I have done fairly well in all of them. I only have one more test, at 7:30AM, and I will find out my final grade for my history class tomorrow afternoon. So we'll see how that goes.
In the meantime, stay tuned because I will definitely be having pictures and possibly some video from our times in São Paulo, Salvador and Rio.
So peace out for now everyone. Be sure to stay up with Policy Reform in Action, my organization, as I try to grow it, have some positive affect on the world, etc.
Tchau for now peepz.

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Anonymous said...

Obrigado pelo post útil! Eu não teria chegado a este o contrário!