Saturday, May 12, 2007

Everything is still going good!

Went to the store and bought a few more things:
lingüiça calabresa, goiabada, torta de limão, sorvete and a few other things. The lingüiça is for the feijoada, the goiabada is for some small dessert (guava paste and mozarella cheese, called "romeo e julieta" (Romeo and Juliette or however it's spelled), lime pie and ice cream.
It's about 2 hours until the whole party gets started. I ran into Sandro on the street and we've been calling some other people to try and get them to show up. Hopefully everyone comes, it should be pretty fun.

Here are some more pictures for everyone.

Here's everything going at once on the stove. Beans up top, pork stuff on the bottom right, and the new thing on the bottom left.

In the frying pan is garlic, onion, green pepper, hot sauce and olive oil. I fried all of this stuff up to put in the beans to give it some extra kick.

So far I've put everything into the beans, including what's in the frying pan above. Now I'm just letting it all cook down on low heat. Pretty soon the rice will go on and I'll try to get some caipirinhas going in the blender. Everyone who's coming should be here around 8 or 8:30 tonight, so hopefully this all goes well.
Thanks for keepin' up!

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could go =(