Monday, April 02, 2007

Review of "Assassinatos em Série"

Here is my review of the play we saw during the Theatre Festival. The name of the play was "Assassinatos em Série" (Serial Killers). Despite what the title implicates, this play is actually a comedy.
The basic gist of the play is Rebecca Almeida's father killed himself after a few critics tore apart his latest play, "Milkshake de Shakespeare" (Shakespeare's Milkshake). She is out for revenge against all of those who wrote ill of her father. This includes a fairly effiminate critic, another one that we never actually see, her ex-boyfriend that she abandoned after her father killed himself. The last person she doesn't get because she is finally caught in the process of trying to kill her ex-boyfriend.
The play is quite funny. It's produced, written and acted by a theatre group from Curitiba. The play itself takes place in São Paulo. One of the best scenes is Rebecca talking about her escape to Rio de Janeiro and in the process completely mocking the way carioca's speak (it's pretty bad). There are lots of good jokes and funny bits, including a take-off from the film "Basic Instinct" (the leg-spreading scene). We (unfortunately) don't get to see up Rebecca's dress, but the scene is played out pretty well. This scene occurs after she is caught and put on trial.
The end of the play ends with the audience voting whether or not she is guilty. Last year when I saw this same play everyone voted guilty. This year, they let four people vote. Three of them voted "innocent" and one person didn't even vote. They threw out all of the votes because of the one missing vote and gave the final vote to one woman, who voted guilty.
There is one more play that we saw that I'll be reviewing pretty soon. Until then, thanks for stopping by!

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