Monday, April 02, 2007

30-minute presentation in Portuguese

So today I had to give a presentation about "A era de Gorbachev e o fim (implosão) da URSS", or, "The Gorbachev era and the end (implosion) of the USSR".
It went pretty well. The time passed really quickly which made me think that I made few mistakes and everyone enjoyed the presentation. Anyway, just because I feel like posting something else to the blog, here are the notes/outline for my presentation that I gave today. Enjoy!
Oh yeah, I have to turn these notes into a 3-page summary to turn in for our group paper. The presentation was me, Roberto (UNCC), and two Brazilians, Marcos and Edmar, about Communism in Soviet Russia between 1917-1991. Pretty fun stuff. I don't really like "history"-history that much, so I chose the most contemporary era I could.
Anyway, here are the notes.

Edit: Aww hell, I can't put them up right now. I'll upload the file so everyone can read it later. It's in Portuguese so no one will be able to read it, but no biggie.
Okay well, that's my update. I'll put up some more later.


Alexandre said...

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Isaac said...

Hello, stairs in house, etc etc... I am a New Mexico goon trying hard to find a way to study in Brasil, I was wondering how you got started? Sorry if this is an intrusive question :) My email is if you wanna give me any advice or suggestions or anything, thanks :)

Good luck with everything!