Thursday, March 01, 2007

What a ripoff...

So school was supposed to have started this week, but apparently that actually means it starts next week. Evidently this week was reserved for freshmen orientation, freshmen hazing, and professors continuing to be on vacation.
I was so psyched for school to start. I'm not used to taking such a long break in between semesters. December 10th until March 3rd evidently. Way too long. My brain and intellect are severely suffering right now.
So anyway, out of this week, I got one syllabus, for the Political Science class that I posted about in the previous post, and three classes the professors didn't even show up.
I swear this is horrible. It's like having serious blue balls. The really painful kind. You guys out there know what I'm talking about. I had educational blue balls. I was pumped for some learning and seriously let down.
I got up at 7AM to go to class this morning and no one showed up. No students, no professor. Then I went to my afternoon class and six students showed up but alas, no professor. What a joke.
I have class at 9:30AM on Monday, which means I'll get up at 8:30 to take a shower, get ready, and walk to school. If no one is there, I'll be thoroughly pissed off. I want to get my learn on, people!
Okay well, that's all really. I'm just bored, nothing to do, etc. It's late but I'm wide awake (12:45AM here) so I'm gonna go eat some chicken.
Peace out.

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