Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No pictures, stop asking!

Okay so no one actually asked, but still I have no pictures to post. I could start posting old pictures if that would interest anyone!
Anyway I just wanted to update you all on classes and stuff. So my Sociology class (the one about military governments and militants) is NOT going to be cancelled, so that's VERY nice. I'm very excited that this class is gonna continue on. Out of all the classes I have, this is the one I wanted to do the most.
Given that nice little bit of news, I decided to drop the anthropology class. It is way too much having four classes and all the reading that comes along with it. If one thing is certain, professors and classes here require MUCH more reading that the USA. At least, compared to what WSSU requires. Also, the fact that it is a four-hour class is insane. I cannot handle that, especially when I have a class that starts at 7:45AM the following morning.
So that will take a little stress off of me in relation to all of these classes.
Anyway that's really it right now. I haven't done much wandering around the city lately, at least not any that's worth taking pictures of or worth noting.
What else, what else? Really not much. I have been having a good time with my classes and I've been hanging out quite a bit with some old friends from Curitiba. I'm also hoping that I can sell enough books to go to Manaus and swim the Amazon. If I can't, eventually my frequent flyer miles will accumulate and I can go to Peru and start going down the Amazon by boat starting in Iquitos. That would be pretty awesome.
Anyway that's it. I'll see what I can do about getting some more writing up here. Maybe some city observations, maybe some pictures of the poverty that exists in the "greatest city to live in in Brazil", etc.
Also, I'm gonna start visiting the capoeira class a little bit more. I ran into Sombra, Zé, Batata Doce, and Crash (all capoeira nicknames) on the street and was asking them about the capoeira. Crash told me he doesn't go to the same place anymore, but from what I've seen outside of the building most of the same people still go.
Okay well, that's it. I can't "enrolar" anymore with this post. Check out my other blog at Policy Reform in Action. I've been trying to post a bit more there just to try and get some new visitors.
Peace out peepz.

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