Monday, October 16, 2006

The two posts below this one:

     The two posts below this one are two of the working titles/opening paragraphs for a pair of research papers I'm working on right now.  Ya'll can read them and psot comments or email me with comments or your thoughts on what I've written (and yes, I did type "ya'll").
     And if either professor comes here after typing a few lines from my papers into Google while checking for plagiarism, my name is Zachary Levine and I'm a junior at Winston-Salem State University, and the professor for World Economic Geography is Dr. Berry and the professor for Latin American History is Dr. Kuhl.  No plagiarism here.
     And for anyone thinking they may wanna copy my stuff, all of the stuff on this blog is ©copyrighted by me, so please feel free to not steal what I have written.
     Also, I like this method of sending blog posts in via email, especially because I can format the posts must better.  Okay well, that's all.  Have a great day and thanks for continuing to come to my blog (for those of you that do).

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