Monday, August 28, 2006

Thanks to everyone.

I just wanna say thanks to everyone who came to my blog. I hope you all enjoyed my pictures, stories, journal postings, videos, and everything else I was able to get up on here. Thanks to everyone who left comments, Izzy, Messiah and Caio (good luck with the baby, y0) whether it was just telling me to stop making myself look like a dumbass online or to help me with my Portuguese. Last I checked my counter said 3202 visitors, which isn't bad at all if ya ask me.
I know it took me a long time to get up the last postings of my last few weeks in Brazil, but as you'll see from the pictures, it was worth the wait.
I'm back at school now, finally going back to the YMCA and lifting weights and stressing myself out with six classes. I have Advanced Portuguese, Public Administration, Constitutional Law, Civil Rights, World Economic Geography and Latin America since 1824.
I'm going to try and keep this blog going with all sorts of stuff, although I may end up changing the name. I will try and post updated content on the research I'm doing, any publishings (a book review I wrote might get published in a journal of Social Sciences) I happen to get and anything else of that nature.
I also will be in Miami September 21st thru September 24th checking out the graduate schools at University of Miami and Florida International University. I should have some pictures from that, and who else knows where my adventures will take me. I have gotten an entirely new outlook on life. I'm happier, freer, less stressed and feeling better about everything in general. I've become fluent in another language, learned about a new culture which I completely fell in love with and at the same time made a bunch of awesome friends who I hope to stay friends with for many years to come.
So this is Zack, Goon in Brazil, signing out and letting everyone know that I will be back in Brazil in the near future, and you can rest assured that there will be many new pictures and stories of my adventures.

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