Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So the semester is over...

Okay so today was the official end of my semester here at UFPR.
I finished up my paper at about 8:30AM, and I have as of right now been awake for about 40 hours. So I'm going to go take a nap and then go to capoeira, see some peepz, and then just come home and chillax.
Tiphane is leaving tonight at midnight go take the overnight bus to São Paulo and she'll be flying out of São Paulo at 10:15AM tomorrow morning.
I'm completely packed and ready to GTFO Curitiba and go to São Paulo. I'm still lookin' for a nice hotel on Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, and by nice I mean one that is a few blocks away from the beach but within walking distance and not more than $60US/night. Ipanema is probably the most famous beach in South America and it's the safest as well.
I think Becca might be handling all the other stuff on her own, I'm not sure. Caio is coming to Salvador at the same time as I am, so that's pretty cool. I think we're both gonna try to get an invite to the UDV and do an ayahuasca ceremony, so that should be pretty swank.
Not much else has really been going on. I finished my literature class with a 7.3 average (that's like, a 73 out of 100), which is good enough for passing which means what??? It means it's good enough for me because I hate 98% of all literature.
I'm not gonna post the final product of my research project here because it's boring and exceptionally long and of course, it's in Portuguese and I didn't do a full translation of it.
However, as I said, I'm packed and ready to get on out of Curitiba. I've been here for four straight months now without leaving and I feel like it's probably time to get out of here. Would be a great city to live in, but not to stay in for huge and extended periods of time.
I will have some access to the internet at Caio's house, but once I'm out of São Paulo it will be very limited access unless a hotel I'm in has either WiFi or internet access that I can use at the hotel. Plus, I'm not exactly traveling to find as many internet cafes as possible. I'll get pictures up and everything as I'm able while I'm gone, and a bunch may have to wait until I'm back in the USA, unless Miami International has wireless that I can use.
Anyway, before I leave I'm going to do a large post summing up everything I've learned while here, all the awesome places I've been, all the awesome people I've met and hope to remain friends with for life, and all sorts of other stuff I can think of. I will do this in Portuguese for Dr. Anderson and any of the students from the Portuguese classes who come here (and any Brazilians who come here who aren't very good with English), and I will do a version in English for people who don't know Portuguese or at least not on the level I will be posting at.
This Saturday I think I'm going to meet Rebecca's parents (since we're traveling together I'm sure they'd like to meet the guy their daughters are going to be with for a whole week) and her host family is having a big churrasco for her and her parents. That should be a nice day because I think we're all gonna go to Praça Santos Andrade and do some capoeira in the park, then head back to her host family's house for the churrasco and the game.
BTW Brazil has won all of it's WC games so far. They will be playing France July 1st at 4PM my time (that's 3PM-EST I believe). Time for some payback for that 1998 WC (that I didn't see one game of). Should definitely be awesome, and I'm predicting a 4-1 victory for Brazil.
As for my other predictions?
Portugal defeats England
Italy beats Ukraine
Germany beats Argentina

That leaves this:
Germany beats Italy
Brazil beats Portugal

Which leaves this:
Brazil beats Germany

This was the same matchup as the 2002 WC in Japan/South Korea. Look for Brazil to win again against the Nazis. The score was 2-0 in 2002. This years final my prediction is...
Brazil 3 x Germany 1
You heard it here first! (Okay probably not, but if you did, give me some credit when it happens.)

Okay this post is longer than I wanted it to be. I am going to take a nap and I will speak with all of you fine people later on in the week, perhaps with some pictures from the Saturday thing or from anything else I decide to get into while I'm out and about (I actually plan to sleep for the next two straight days, sorry Joseane).
Thanks for stopping by. PEACE.


Claire said...

fuck you and your portugal beats england :(

we only lost cause the dirty foreign cunt bastard ref was paid off

Messiah said...

I'm Jesus.
England lost because I wanted them to.