Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hello everyone:

So I discovered I can email updates to my blog and it will post them
automatically. This is especially useful when is being
stupid and won't load for me. I'm not sure if I can attach pictures
using this little service but it'll do for now. I may have to sneak
over to CELIN one evening and upload pictures and stuff if that's what
I end up needing to do.
Anyway, I don't really have much to update, especially since I posted
a big one just recently but I just wanted to update you peepz on a few
May 22nd and 23rd - FIPSE/CAPES Capstone Conference here in Curitiba.
I will be doing my presentation on the history and my experiences with
capoeira. I'll have pictures, maybe a video, and I have to do a 15
minute presentation (in Portuguese) on my chosen topic. Should
definitely be interesting. My history professor here, Dr. Carlos
Lima, gave me a huge book on the history of slave capoeira in Rio de
Janeiro between the years 1808-1850. I'm supposedly supposed to read
this entire book (I'm thinking there are around 400 pages) and use it
to contribute to my presentation. I highly doubt I'll get through
this whole book. Some of the information I'll use in my presentation
will be things I get from my capoeira teacher Sombra, and as I said, a
bit will be about my own personal experiences with capoeira.
November 2nd-4th (I believe) - Association for Third World Studies in
Winston-Salem, NC. I've decided to participate which will look good
on my transcript/CV/resumé. I am planning on doing my presentation on
something based on the following: "The global and local affects of the
destruction of Indonesian rainforests". This will probably be quite
difficult but I'm pretty sure I can do it. I already have a few news
articles, and if anyone finds anymore or has any scholarly journal
articles or suggestions for more information on this, feel free to
swing it my way at
Other than that not much has really been happening since I posted my
last update. I decided to consider UTK and UMiami as options for grad
school, although I'm almost positive I'd hate living in Miami
(although I love the school.) Whatever though I have plenty of time
to think about that.
After the presentations and everything, up next on my plate is a
hopeful internship in Washington, DC during Spring semester 2007.
Damn I'm gettin' old. Whatever though, that should definitely be
exciting and an awesome addition to my CV.
So that's what's up in Zack's personal/educational/professional life.
Hope everyone back in the US is having as much fun with the
destruction of the Bush administration as I am down here, and I
wouldn't be upset if it was completely gone by the time I get back.
Rumsfeld out, Cheney on trial, Bush being impeached... it's like music
to my ears.
Take it easy everyone and remember...
"Not knowing how to cook is like not knowing how to fuck."
BTW - Full moon is coming up so everyone be sure to head to the cow
pastures, lay out for a few hours, and have an incredible evening.

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