Monday, April 10, 2006


I would like to retract my previous statements regarding my friend Joe. I found out that I had them confused with his brother Richard. I'm not sure what caused such a brainslip but oh well, no big deal. It's all taken care of now. Just consider it another April Fool's joke, since he so badly wanted to be part of mine, and we'll call it a day. No real news from Brazil today except that I have capoeira again tonight at 7PM and hopefully I'll get to do some standing on my head.
Hopefully I don't break my neck. I'll try to have some sort of content to post this week, but it doesn't really look like much is going to be going on this week.
I don't have my literature class again until the 28th because there are two holidays in a row here in Brazil, on the 14th and the 21st, so that's kinda nice. Although, during this long break of that class I have to read the read of volume 1 of O Continente and also volume 2 of the same book. So that kinda stinks, but oh well.
Hopefully everything is going good with everone in the good ol' USA, and by that I mean I hope that Bush hasn't dropped one of his 125 new nuclear bombs anywhere yet.

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