Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More to come:

So I encourage everyone to ready EVERYTHING I have written below. If you don't like it, oh well, maybe you'll come to the conclusion that I'm a God-hating devil worshipping heathen who is on the fast track to hell. But hey, remember that you'll meet your maker one day too and be judged by him, so give that a quick thought before judging me.
There is DEFINITELY more to come, epecially with today being what it is. Everyone should be thankful they're American today and at the same time, open their minds to the realization that America is being handed over gracefully and without question to an evil authoritarian dictator without regard to anything the American people say or want. I am sickened and disgusted with America, Americans, and the ignorant flag-waving patriots who should be over there in the desert voluntarily getting shot while more than half of American soldiers protest the war yet continue to fight because of the brainwashing of solidarity that encourages them to not speak out.
Patriotism worked for Hitler, it worked for Stalin, and it's working for Bush. Patriotism is a disease, a poison, and a vaccine to having an open mind and being aware. Patriotism doesn't allow dissent or questioning, only obedience and sheep-like behavior. It happened during the Civil War, it happened during WWII, and it's happening right now. German scholars note that the level of American "pride" and patriotism in the USA right now is at the same heights as it was in Germany pre- and during WWII.
Everyone needs to stand up, speak out, and encourage everyone you know to see to it that this evil human being is put out of office, put on trial for war crimes and other criminal activity, and put in prison just like so many of his administration.

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Messiah said...

Great speech.

Good that you are not a blind Bush-worshipper and stuff.
Having a open mind and view is a valuable quality everyone should have.