Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Busy day here

Second post of the day! Doesn't happen that often, does it?
Anyway, I have decided to do a few things differently this year with the blog. I won't be able to travel as much or do as much awesome stuff, mostly due to a lack of money (I'm still paying off for all the stuff I did last year).
So this time around, I'm going to try to do what I did last time and post more information about the places I've been, my experiences, my conversations I have with people, and try to keep this blog informative. Because of that, and also because I'm strugging with some money issues, I put up a little button to the right where you can donate some money to the cause. This money will go towards travel expenses and also towards last year's travel expenses.
Normally this wouldn't be a "good cause", as they say, but since most of you come here to view the pictures and read the stories, I figure it is somewhat of a good cause. It allows me to keep travelling and posting and coming up with new things to write about. It's also encouraging to know that people are really enjoying the blog.
While I won't get started doing the "different" stuff tonight, I'll probably start tomorrow. I start teaching an English class tonight, so that should be interesting and useful to a few other people who may have an interest in doing the same thing (whether it's here in Brazil or other countries).
After that I will start to post small parts of papers I have written about Brazil, specifically the one I wrote last year for my history course (the one I took in Brazil) and also the one I wrote last semester for my Latin American history course. Both of them are quite long, so it will be a drawn out process so I don't bore anyone to death.
Well, I suppose that it's. I got this idea of the donation button from a friend who runs is own forums (shout out to Kid and the FHBD), and also because Caroline suggested that some people would consider donating money if they found the blog useful, interesting, captivating, etc. So hopefully all that turns out to be true.
Thanks to everyone who visits!

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