Sunday, May 14, 2006

Differences in my Portuguese:

I know I just posted the Full Moon post a few hours ago, but something came to my attention just now.
I reread what I wrote for my "two months in Brazil" post in Portuguese and thought it was absolute crap. I screwed up quite a few things. I then read my "four months in Brazil" post in Portuguese for comparison, and the difference is crazy. Sometimes I walk around thinking "shit I haven't learned any Portuguese I need to step up my game" but then I read that and I'm like "damn in two months I've come a long way." So I'm trying to stay encouraged.
Even though I'm not sure if they'll ever read it, thanks for a few of the people in my history class for always being willing to help me out, thanks for Caio for helping me out whenever I need it, and thanks to the Messiah (not Jesus) for helping me whenever I need it as well (like tonight).
I still feel like I should step up my game, so I went in my room and pulled out all my dictionaries and the grammar book I have so I can start flipping through them when I have problems. I do have a notebook I use that everytime I have a problem or a word or phrase I wanna know how to say, I'll write it down and ask someone later or look it up later, so that helps.
Portuguese is a tricky as hell language but I'm getting it.
Okay that's it, peace out to all my homiez. I poured out a 40 for all my lost homiez last night.


claire said...


Messiah (not Jesus) said...

I already said you're welcome, right?
You really are.
Come to me whenever you need.