Sunday, April 02, 2006

So I was going to wait a few days but...

you people are ridiculous.
I have one comment below and numerous emails sent to both my WSSU account and my Gmail account.
Seriously, look at all the stuff I have posted on this blog; the pictures, the stories, everything, and people send me stuff saying:
"Umm, Zack. This had better be a joke. I don´t know what to believe because it´s so random but I know you and you wouldn´t say something like that without meaning it."
"I really hope this is an April Fool´s Joke."
"I always knew you were a huge Jew."
"Zack... you were given a $4000 grant and a magnificent opportunity. This was something you have wanted and would have opened up countless other opportunities. Now, just because you have spent all your money travelling you want to leave. I thought you were more responsible than that."
I talked to two people on the phone last night after I posted this and I mentioned nothing of this. When those two people read the post below, they should have known it was a joke, especially since I told them I would explain when I talked to them individually what was going on. I didn´t bring up the post because I knew they hadn´t read it yet and to do so would have ruined the joke and it was also April Fool´s Day still; you can´t let the joke be known before the day is even over.

First off, look right above the title of my post. In huge letters "Saturday, April 01, 2006".

Now, allow me to repost what I type, with a few corrections...

[quote]Everyone has read my posts About the things I saw in São Paulo and Salvador, and a few people back home and here in Brazil know how badly those things really messed with my mentality. It started to affect my Personal relationships and, now that classes have been going on for four full weeks, it has really set me back in terms of reading, studying, and even class attendance.
I think that sometimes in life people really have to analyze what´s important to them and think about what it is they Really want to contribute to world. So I began thinking that me being in Brazil is not really doing all that much aside from contributing to the advancement of my skills in Portuguese and also to my grad school applications. What is me being in Brazil truly contributing to a world that is in dire need of help In a huge percentage of it´s land?
In response to all of that, I feel it important to let everyone know, through the easiest and most convenient means possible (this blog since I don´t have everyones´ email address.)
I have worked this out with and American Airlines, and after paying the $100 fee to change my flight date, I am Leaving Brazil on April 7th (Friday). I will not, however, be returning to the US. Through the birthright Fund (for which I applied last August), a grant that I received, I will be going to Israel for the 10 days Of the program and after the 10 days, I intend to stay there and do my part in helping the country my grandfather loved so much, and the home to so many people of my familial bond, achieve and maintain peace. Obviously being only One person what I have to contribute will be minimal, but unfortunately for some, and fortunately for me, I have realized that this is what I must do to actually feel Like I am making a positive and beneficial contribution to this world.
To Dr. Anderson and Katrena, the people really responsible for getting me here, I´m sorry and will explain more in detail soon. To Caroline and my mom, dad, and the rest of my family, I will be telling you more information as I Speak with you individually. And to everyone else, I may or may not, depending on access, be posting pictures and detailed texts of what it is going on there and what I am doing there. No one worry, though, because this is what I must do and I know you will all understand.[/quote]

Seriously people, it wasn´t that hard. You can even go down below to that post and see if I´m just making all that up now. It´s not exactly a hard code to crack. I will admit I could have come up with something better, and an hour or so after I posted that I thought of something better, but I knew people had already seen that and would call my bluff if they went back and saw something different.
Either way, you guys are gullible to a ridiculous amount and I´m surprised people fell for it at all.
Peace out till next year clowns.
I have a video or two to post, plus lots of pictures from some Capoeira I went to. I´m gonna start taking classes and see if I make any progress while here. I´ll have the gym and capoeira, so I should be in pretty good shape by July 26th.
Latez fools.

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You're so mean.