Friday, March 03, 2006

Just some more pictures right now

Ferrari pix

Prancing Pony with Italian national colors at the top  


F430 Spyder


575M Maranello

Misc. São Paulo pix

This building seems to resemble a certain historical text.

Ah, so that's what it is. BTW these Jews wouldn't let me go any higher than the first floor since I'm not a researcher or academic.

Monument at the Museu Ipiranga.

Lame shot of the Museu Ipiranga.

Shot looking out the museum towards that monument.

First ever Brazil goonmeet!

This place is locally known as "Cul do Padre" aka "The Priest's Asshole". You know we had to do it here.

Cheese and wine bottles that have been hanging from this ceiling for more than five decades. It tasted good actually.

Caio and his love Daniella.

The goons. I definitely had a good time.

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